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Diffuser Care

Simply remove the stopper and insert the reeds. Use with caution when inserting the reeds as some diffusers have a high level of fragrance that can spill out the top.

Keep in mind to put the diffuser onto a non porous surface or place on a candle plate and always clean up any drips on the diffuser or the surface it has been placed on.

Tips for using a diffuser:
1. Place in a busy area in your home so when the fragrance disperses throughout the room and can be circulated.
2. Flip the reeds after an hour to release some fragrance into the room, it also helps soak up the oil from the bottom so it can diffuse through the entire reed.
3. If you buy a refill for your diffuser, clean out the diffuser bottle with soap and water and let it completely dry before you refill your diffuser, if you change the fragrance you will need to change the reeds stick. They get dusty, clogged and lose efficiency, not all reeds are the same!

DO NOT light a reed diffuser as it is flammable. Place in an area where it wont get knocked over as the mixture may stain surfaces.